What is United Fresh doing to ensure my safety during the United Fresh 2021 Convention & Expo?

In accordance with Los Angeles County, the state of California and the LA Convention Center, show management will:

  • Require face coverings, frequent hand washing and social distancing
  • Significantly increase entrance and exit areas to the exhibit halls to spread out gatherings of people more evenly throughout the facilities
  • Designate entrance and exit areas to control and screen visitors with discreet daily health queries, incorporating non-invasive thermal devices, etc.
  • Install hand sanitizing stations throughout the show and provide hand sanitizer to every individual attending the show
  • Enhance physical cleaning with hourly sanitizing of high-traffic areas throughout the show floor and common areas, including doorways, elevators and escalators
  • Collaborate with the Los Angeles Convention Center in their advancements to be among the first in the nation to achieve GBAC accreditation for safety measures aimed at outbreak prevention through actions such as sanitizing the facility nightly.

You can find more information about the Los Angeles Convention Center’s response to COVID-19 by on the facility website.


Will I be required to wear a mask?

Yes, in accordance with the County of Los Angeles, face masks will be required at the LA Convention Center. Individuals who have been instructed by their medical provider that they should not wear a face covering must wear a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, to be in compliance with State directives, as long as their condition permits it. A drape that is form fitting under the chin is preferred. Masks with one-way valves must not be used.


Will I have my temperature checked?

Yes, management will be conducting temperature checks upon entry. The purpose of the temperature check is to detect elevated temperature (an indicator of illness) in those entering. Entering the building serves as your consent to be scanned; conversely, anyone refusing to be scanned will not be permitted entry into the building.


What happens if I have a temperature?

Those confirmed to have a temperature at or over 100.4°F (38°C) will undergo further medical assessment and will be directed to appropriate medical care. Please note: Our temperature check is not a medical diagnosis nor a guarantee that anyone entering the convention center does or does not have a fever.


What happens if I get sick during United Fresh?

Show management will have a team of certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs) available onsite during the convention. If alerted to a suspected case of COVID-19, security will direct the guest toward appropriate medical care through our onsite EMTs, who follow the direction of local health authorities.


Are all attendees, exhibitors, show staff and vendor partners required to abide by the same guidelines?



Will any of these guidelines change if the pandemic improves significantly?

We can’t predict the future, but we will abide by the rules and guidelines required by federal, state and local authorities, as well as the Los Angeles Convention Center. Should any of the requirements outlined here change, we will notify all attendees and exhibitors.