Can my company exhibit at both the in-person Convention & Expo in Los Angeles, and the online Convention & Expo?

Yes! When you contract for any size exhibit for the in-person expo in Los Angeles, you’ll get an immediate FREE booth in our online expo. You’ll be able to add videos, product photos, company descriptions, and more to your online booth profile. And, better yet, you’ll be able to use our matchmaking platform to request meetings with all attendees registered on the site. Your FREE online booth will be activated immediately upon sign up, so you can begin engaging with attendees long before the in-person show in June.


Can my company exhibit in just the online Convention & Expo?

Yes! You don’t need a physical booth in LA to connect to our attendees online. If your plans won’t allow travel to LA this year, join us with an inexpensive online booth and connect with buyers across the globe.


How can I reserve exhibit space?

Click on the Why Exhibit tab to learn more about exhibiting options or to begin selecting your in-person booth location. All online booths are arranged by United Fresh in alphabetical order, with size determined by the size of the in-person booth reserved for LA. All virtual only booths are the same size, shown in a “Virtual Only” section of the floor plan.


How many exhibitor staff badges do I get with my in-person booth?

Each exhibitor is allotted three Trade Show Only (TSO) badges for every 100 square feet. Each booth, regardless of size, receives one All Access Pass.


As an exhibitor, how many online registration passes do I get?

All paid exhibitors in either the in-person or Virtual Only expo receive five registrations for your staff. Free staff registrations for online access must be employees of the exhibiting company.


Can I get more badges?

Of course! Bring the whole team and upgrade to All Access to get the best value! As an exhibitor, you can upgrade to All Access for your staff, buy additional staff TSO/Virtual badges if needed, or register staff for onsite events a la carte.


What is included with your in-person booth?

  • One complimentary All Access Package per Exhibit
  • Three complimentary Trade Show Only Registrations per 10’x10’ booth
  • Back wall and side drapes
  • Company ID sign for all linear booths
  • Online booth, exhibitor profile, and use of the matchmaking platform in our online expo
  • Convention pre-show attendee and United Fresh membership listings
  • Access to leading trade and international consumer media (Staff will help facilitate your relationships with these media professionals.)

How can I get the most out of my show experience?

This largely depends on your company’s goals and objectives for the show. We can work with you to make recommendations of opportunities you should consider. We encourage you to consider joining the United Fresh Produce Association if you’re not already a member. Association membership opens up new contact opportunities prior to the show among other benefits. You also can schedule meetings with customers in advance, keep your online listings up to date, and consider sponsorship and advertising opportunities available to exhibitors.


If the in-person event in Los Angeles is cancelled, what is the refund policy on my booth cost?

All exhibitors that purchased a 10x10 booth will be able to maintain their online booth at no additional costs. Exhibitors who purchased larger booths will be eligible to shift funds paid above the cost of a 10x10 to various discounted sponsorship opportunities to increase their visibility in the online expo and direct marketing to targeted buyers. Larger exhibitors that prefer a refund of amounts paid above the cost of a 10x10 can apply the full amount to a future event in 2022, or be refunded 80% of all costs.


What if I want to cancel my booth completely?

All exhibit contracts may be cancelled before May 15 at the exhibitor’s discretion, with a refund of 80% of costs paid. The exhibitor’s online expo booth will be removed, and they will no longer have access to any registered attendees on the United Fresh platform. After May 15, no exhibit refunds will be issued if the in-person event occurs.


More questions?

Reach out to John Toner, Vice President, Convention & Industry Collaboration at 202-303-3424.