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United Fresh LIVE! is a response to an unprecedented challenge to our industry and our world. While citizens of the world are sheltering in place and avoiding physical connections, how do you reach customers and prospective customers? United Fresh LIVE! brings those customers to you.


The United Fresh LIVE! Platform

More opportunities to reach retail buyers than you’ve ever imagined! Your online booth will allow for:
  • VIDEOS: Post videos of your company operations, whether promoting fields of fresh produce, creating value-added products, or demonstrating the newest equipment and technology in real-life settings
  • RESOURCES: Post as many downloadable documents as you’d like about your company and your products
  • DIRECT LEADS: Engage personally with attendees on the platform in live chats or offline messaging
  • ANALYTICS: Track booth visits, downloads, video views and more
  • LONGEVITY: Two-day trade show? Not this time! Your exhibit is open and selling for three months allowing attendees to find you all summer, and you can update your content as frequently as you want

The United Fresh LIVE! Attendees

It’s a brave new world here online, and your attendee universe just exploded! Instead of hoping to reach one of the attendees walking through the expo, you can reach attendees from around the world. What does that mean?


  • Instead of a handful of folks from each retail chain, foodservice operator or major wholesaler, every produce buyer or category manager can sign on and see everything you’ve got to show
  • Instead of sales people from a grower-shipper or processor offering to connect you later to their operations team, they can see your equipment, technology and services personally
  • Instead of a concentrated base of attendees from the region around the city, your marketplace is now global

Who can you see at your booth? Anyone you want, at any time, from anywhere in the world!


The Virtual Tradeshow Experience Webinar

View this informative webinar on where United Fresh staff took the mystery out of the virtual trade show experience and showed how your investment in participation will return dividends.

  Watch Webinar

For more information on exhibiting, contact John Toner, Vice President, Convention & Industry Collaboration at 202-303-3424.