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JUNE 16 - 19 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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United Fresh is invested in your success!

We’re taking a holistic approach to improving exhibiting company performance. Included with your booth space investment is more than $6,900 in complimentary registrations at United Fresh Produce Association events throughout the year!

As part of your 2020 exhibit space investment, this exclusive package allows your company to leverage the full power of United Fresh’s signature educational offerings year-round to empower your sales, marketing and exhibiting teams to exceed your performance measures.


The Exhibitor Value Package - A $6,980 Value - Includes:

  • One United Fresh 2020 Convention & Expo All Access Pass per booth of any size ($1,395 value) *
  • Four United Fresh 2020 Convention & Expo Trade Show Only Passes ($3,200 value) *
  • One United FreshStart Conference 2020 Registration ($395 value) *
  • One BrandStorm™ 2020 Registration ($895 value) *
  • One Washington Conference 2020 Registration ($1,095 value) *
  • Unlimited complimentary customer Trade Show Only registrations (priceless) *

*Limited to first-time attendees of each program.

Exhibitor Value Package
Show by the Numbers

Contact John Toner, Vice President Convention & Industry Collaboration at 202.303.3424 for more information.