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Solutions Zone

JUNE 16 - 19 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Find Brand Marketing Solutions

Top marketing firms working in fresh produce and healthy, better-for-you food and beverage product promotion will be discoverable in the 2020 Marketing Solutions Zone.

With the explosion of branded produce and packaged products and the elevation of brand marketing claims in healthy and better-for-you products, the Marketing Solutions Zone is where you’ll find the marketing solutions that will change the way you think about brand promotion in-store, online and more!

Visit the Marketing Solutions Zone if You’re Seeking a new partner to support with innovative research, strategy, communications, creative services and more! Engage with the leading agencies focused on produce and product marketing solutions that will elevate your company, product and service.

Marketing Solutions Zone

For more information or to participate in the Marketing Solutions Zone, contact Mary Coppola, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at 202-303-3425.