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JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Explore the Next Generation of Tech

Technology is changing the fresh produce industry, and innovators of food tech and ag tech companies are helping the industry respond faster than ever before.

Explore the next generation of tech for the fresh foods industry, as 24 start-up companies showcase unique solutions and concepts in the FutureTEC Zone. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover innovative companies’ concepts and solutions and find ways to improve operations and services through new technology.

“As both a presenter and exhibitor, it was a fantastic opportunity to highlight Spoiler Alert’s advancements over the past year. There is a lot of momentum and increased willingness to pilot and deploy new technologies within the industry, and United Fresh continues to raise the bar in bringing bright minds together and create networking mechanisms to propel the fresh produce industry forward.”

Ricky Ashenfelter, Spoiler Alert CEO


2019 Participants:



Aerobotics, provides farmers around the world with world-leading pest and disease management systems for tree crop protection using drone imagery and artificial intelligence. Farming is a risky business with pests and disease often reducing a Farmer’s yields by up to 20% on an annual basis. Aerobotics’ software, Aeroview, empowers Tree Crop Farmers to identify early stage problems in their orchards. Used in conjunction with the Aerobotics’ Aeroview Scout App on their smartphone, Farmers are able to locate problem areas on a tree-by-tree basis.



AGTools provides a real time algorithm deep data service of 63 variables to farmers and buyers to offset volatility in the market, thus increasing profitability. AGTools data mining of over 53 commodities, 81 million plus records, 25 years national and global scale, 2.7 billion historical weather maximizes operational efficiency.


Analytic.li (Beyond Payroll)

analytic.li is a workforce analytics company that helps employers be more productive, more profitable and better managers of their people. We do this by effortlessly combining labor, human resources, operations, finance and budget data together to provide insight throughout the organization.

analytic.li’s insights, dashboards and alerts help to:

  • Prevent staffing shortages that lead to decreased productivity,
  • Closely monitor labor and raw materials costs to ensure profitability per line,
  • Recommend staffing and scheduling changes to manage labor expense thresholds, and
  • Identify areas at risk of turnover with ways to address it.

analytic.li offers the fastest time-to-value though our pre-built data connections, our best practices approach to supporting operations, finance and human resources leaders and our ability to alert users just-in-time to drive positive change.



Modernizing Global Supply Chains. ATTAbotics maximizes storage and exceeds fulfillment demands by delivering a flexible, scalable 3D robotic goods-to-person solution in 15% of the footprint, saving on MHE, real estate and labor costs.



Chainvu offers disruptive smart-goods based logistics solutions to the food and pharmaceutical supply chains. Chainvu is proactive at every step in the supply chain, preventing waste on the spot, reducing costs, and helping companies minimize their environmental impact.


Crop One Holdings, Inc.

Crop One Holdings® is transforming the agriculture industry, using advanced hydroponic technology and proprietary data analytics to provide pure, safe, and consistent produce year round. Crop One’s differentiated technology stack and growing process make it the most advanced company in the vertical farming space. The company delivers industry-leading environmental benefits with technology that is centered around lowering costs and increasing yields.


Dynium Robot

Dynium has advanced computer vision systems, enabling driverless farming and crop analytics. Dynium's autonomous driving system uses vision systems to identify orchard rows, enabling tractors to navigate without dependence on GPS. The system also provides agronomic information to the farmer on crop yield and disease pressure. Farmers can benefit from live crop yield data, helping them plan harvest resource and pruning requirements. The system can also detect disease, helping farmers to spray earlier and spray less.


Fresh Chill Solutions, Inc.

Fresh Chill Solutions is an agricultural technology company built on intellectual property and patented equipment that is used in the rapid cooling and continuous supply chain tracking process for fresh food. The company was started to revolutionize how certain fresh produce can be better preserved and tracked, from the time it was harvested until it is purchased by the consumer.




Gro Intelligence

Gro Intelligence is a data and analytics company that has built one of the world's most comprehensive macroglobal agriculture data platforms. Gro uses its technology to harvest, translate, and transform approximately 40 million unique data sets and nearly 500 trillion data points across multiple types of data and crop types on a global basis. Gro has also built a suite of machine-learning-based predictive models allowing users to have access to an unprecedented number of data sets and forecasts for production, consumption, trade, and climate globally. Gro has simplified and streamlined the discovery process of data and added a layer of intelligence on top of it. Customers primarily access the data and Gro's various analytical models by signing up through the Gro website and directly through Gro's API, which is also available on a trial basis.





HeavyConnect is a cloud-based collaboration platform that utilizes mobile devices to simplify the operational tasks of farming operations. The software application helps its users easily manage equipment tracking, work scheduling, and food safety compliance.


Hoogendoorn America, Inc.

Are you looking for integrated automation solutions that achieve optimal crop production and high-value quality? Do you strive for efficient use of water, nutrients and energy? Do you wish to have more insight into your crop and business process in order to increase your company’s profit? Hoogendoorn creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every kind of horticultural business worldwide. Growth, continuity and innovation are the focus.


Inteligistics, Inc.

Inteligistics offers innovative cool chain temperature visibility solutions to the fresh produce industry. These solutions help the industry to optimize quality, shelf life and freshness, reduce waste and shrink, provide traceability, facilitate regulatory compliance, and reduce operating costs. They integrate low power wireless sensors and M2M communications via smart gateways and patented circuits.


Logmore Ltd.

Making big data and IoT a reality. We wish to reduce the loss and waste of pharmaceutical goods, food, chemicals, and other easily spoiled and damaged products in a global scale. After all, no one benefits from goods being simply thrown away instead of being used. Towards these ends, our service aims to help ensure that those goods arrive at their destination securely and usable. Logmore makes the world smarter, one measurement at a time.



Get your own high-tech crystal ball and see the future of your greenhouse operations with artificial intelligence. you can now automate harvest yield estimates and disease scouting and gain insights into growing conditions that cause skin cracking and blemishes in vegetables. using your greenhouse data, we will develop custom-made AI automation technology that will only work at your farm - all within 6 weeks. There's no need to purchase costly equipment or sensors, or make significant changes to your business operations; we provide turn-key technology solutions that never disrupt workflows in your tomato or pepper greenhouse.



PalleTech provides supply chain visibility using smart pallets. These smart pallets gather temperature, humidity, shocks, drops, tilts, and location data, which is available to shippers and retailers via mobile and web apps thus simplifying asset tracking and condition monitoring. Are you tired of annual "lost pallet" invoices from conventional pallet poolers and/or processes with FSMA compliance? You are using pallets no matter what, so transform that dumb wood into supply chain insights!


Procurant USA LLC

Procurant USA LLC (Procurant) is a private company based in Silicon Valley providing blockchain and IoT-enabled software and services to retailers, foodservice organizations and their global network of trading partners across the fresh food supply chain. Procurant’s solutions build trust between trading partners, reduce waste and improve freshness. At the heart of Procurant is a powerful, flexible cloud platform and mobile suite of applications built to meet the needs of a modern workforce.



Resilience360 is an innovative, cloud-based platform that helps companies to visualize, track and protect their business operations. The solutions facilitates intuitive supply chain visualization, tracks assets, suppliers, orders and shipments, and enables near real-time monitoring of incidents capable of disrupting or delaying supply chains. Resilience360 easily integrates with business systems and helps companies keep track of risk in combination with their business performance indicators. It enables companies to better ensure business continuity, building risk profiles based on over 30 risk databases, and identifying critical hotspots using heat-maps to mitigate risks and to turn potential disruptions into a competitive advantage.



RipeTime has developed world-first patented technology that measures and reports n real-time of ethylene in post-harvest operations from 1PPB. This monitoring and alerting allows post-harvest operators to make decisions to assure the quality of their fruit and assist with prioritizing the load-out operations.


Shelf Engine

Shelf Engine uses historical order and sales data to intelligently forecast how much retailers should order to minimize spoilage and increase margins.


Sostena, Inc.

Sostena, Inc. provides hybrid fruit and vegetable seed to growers and farmers.


T3 Technologies

T3 is a life science software as a solutions provider that specializes in inventory control, traceability, and job costing.


Trapview North America LLC

Trapview enables growers and partners to gain deep insights into pests to monitor pest status and make better informed decisions on pest suppression. A robust web application enables viewing of pests by day and to see weather conditions. A predictive service will enable customers to see pest pressure in order to take action before pest flights.



Weathermelon is our weather application designed specifically for the produce and ag professional.


For information about participating in the FutureTEC Zone, contact Erin Hutchison at 202-303-3422.

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