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JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Keep pace with industry change at the trade show that entices all senses. At United FreshMKT, our attendees discovered solutions, connections and innovations needed to stay ahead of the curve. From thousands of new products, packaging, varieties, kits, combinations and flavors to insights on every facet of fresh produce marketing, as well as the best ways to develop, display, package, prepare and present fresh produce, our attendees changed the way they think about fresh produce at United FreshMKT.

"United Fresh is an incredibly important venue for us to attend. We always get tremendous value –it’s one of our absolute favorite events of the year!”

Michelle Masek, Head of Marketing, Apeel Science

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Who Should Attend

The fastest growing segment of the United Fresh Convention & Expo, United FreshMKT is where retailers, wholesalers, foodservice companies and new channel buyers explore the latest fresh produce innovations. Attendees discovered convenient snack items, kid friendly products and packaging, fresh juices, dips, soups and more! Our attendees sought the produce that will change their store footprint or differentiate them from the competition, and they found it all at United FreshMKT.