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United FreshTEC

JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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United FreshTEC is the place where today’s top executives in fresh produce production, operations and fresh-cut processing are discovering all the technology that makes fresh possible. Our attendees changed the way they think about technology’s impact on the fresh produce industry by discovering new and innovative applications at United FreshTEC.

“There is a lot of momentum and increased willingness to pilot and deploy new technologies within the industry, and United Fresh continues to raise the bar in bringing bright minds together through networking and education to propel the fresh produce industry forward.”

Ricky Ashenfelter, CEO, Spoiler Alert

Discover these destinations across the United FreshTEC:

  • FutureTEC Zone
  • United Fresh Innovation Awards

Who Should Attend

Those seeking to discover breakthrough innovations in mechanical harvesting and robotics, warehouse automation and packaging solutions, data analytics and more, made sure not to miss United FreshTEC. Designed for operations executives and managers looking to understand how to solve today’s challenges in pre- and post-harvest automation, food safety and packing and processing operations, United FreshTEC provided technology solutions and a growing opportunity in the fresh produce industry.