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JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Sing and Dance at the Chicago House of Blues

Tuesday, June 11 | 9:00 pm – 12:00 Midnight


There’s no shortage of energy in Chicago, a city that prides itself on unparalleled nightlife. New this year, United Fresh hosted the produce community for a rockin party at the House of Blues. With great food, drink and a few surprises, they made sure to make their dinner plans early. They didn’t want to miss the party and opportunities to connect late night with other United Fresh attendees!

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Floor Plan

Chicago’s House of Blues

House of Blues was the ultimate night out. It was where great food set the stage for amazing live concerts. House of Blues is truly where music and food feed the soul. What better venue to gather the fresh produce industry after the party (a full day on the trade show floor) for the after party: United Fresh Late Night at House of Blues.


Who Can Attend

A ticket to United Fresh Late Night at House of Blues is part of this year’s All Access Package. Secure your late night credentials now.

Who's Playing

Chicago’s own Talk of the Town, a 17 piece musical ensemble of world class musicians and entertainers came together to create an experience our attendees will never forget! With horns, guitars, drums, vocalists, strings and more, they were entertained by a wall of sound and energy that was truly unmatched. Sure to keep everyone moving in rhythm all night long, Talk of the Town impressed music lovers of every genre, keeping the entertainment level high as we partied late night.


And, attendees were ready for a special surprise guest that put this event over the top!

* This is a 21+ event