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JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Join the Fight Against Listeria

Tuesday, June 11 | 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Back by popular demand, attendees engaged in hands-on lessons and activities to enhance their food safety knowledge and decision-making skills during the Listeria Learning Lab. They took advantage of this opportunity to network with the companies immersed in the fight against Listeria and who are developing the innovative tools and technologies to assure food safety.

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Deville Technologies

Dismantle Deville Equipment
Last year you met it, now you can take it apart! This year’s activity allowed participants to completely dismantle a Deville Conveyor while our moderators explained the significance of the design vis-à-vis food buildup and bacteria growth.

Heinzen Manufacturing & Channelized Solutions
Sanitary Design: Blue Sky to Legacy
There are always questions around sanitary design, from how should I design this equipment to how can I fix it? Attendees came to see some examples of common legacy findings and while others captured "tribal knowledge" of repairs. We created tools for customer use and training and were very happy to share some of our learnings.

Listeria Kahoot
How much do you know about listeria and cleaning and sanitation? Attendees came to compete with other participants to test their knowledge in a fast-paced game of Kahoot! The winners of each round were entered into a drawing contest for a big prize. They drawing of the winner’s name took place at our booth #15042 on June 12th!

Institute for Food Safety and Health
Listeria Trivia Challenge
Are you ready to test your knowledge of listeria in produce and produce derived products? Join your fellow food safety professionals and compete for prizes awarded to top scorers! IFSH scientists will be present to field questions after the quiz to provide practical insights and suggestions to risk assessment and risk reduction for specific produce items presented as case studies.

Madison Chemical
Trouble Shooting Film Deposits
This game focused on the importance of film deposits commonly found in plants and how to identify and remove them. It also focused on why this is important to controlling biofilms.

Can I Get 60 Minute Listeria Results And NOT Be A Microbiologist?
Attendees volunteered to execute the testing protocol for our innovative Listeria Right Now product and saw how simple the test was to follow/execute from sample extraction through final result! We demonstrated the simplicity of the process and how it is different from traditional testing and the limitations that are inherent with traditional testing.

Best Practices in Drain Hygiene
Drains are one of the most common sources of Listeria contamination in a produce processing facility. Participants learned about best practices in drain hygiene, including a hands-on biofilm detection activity, a demonstration of drain foaming best practices and a brief tutorial on developing a drain program.

Food Safety Reception

The Listeria Learning Lab took place in conjunction with the Food Safety Reception.


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