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JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Show Floor Education

Tuesday, June 11 | 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Wednesday, June 12 | 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

X-Change Sessions allowed attendees to take part in conversations that are changing the way our industry does business and solving challenges we face. Through shared ideas taking place on the expo floor, these facilitated discussions allowed attendees to gather with peers seeking answers to the questions they're also trying to solve.

X-Change Sessions:


Media/Crisis Management

Do you have a crisis plan in place? Have you recently been caught without one, or did yours work so well, you want to share with your peers. Join attendees who are developing, streamlining and improving their crisis management plans to share best practices and pitfalls for future crisis planning.

Marketing 101

Companies seeking to work with a marketing firm will enjoy this discussion on ways to engage and bring prepared to invest. You’ll also learn from others the true ROI of investing the time and resources into working with professional marketers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the hottest marketing jargon today, but what does it mean and how can you get started? Join your peers for this conversation and learn from those who’ve developed successful influencer campaigns as well as others who are still grappling with making the investment.

Next Generation Leaders

What does it mean to be a next-gen leader in fresh produce? Join this conversation lead by United Fresh’s Produce Industry Leadership Alumni who have been in the trenches and come out to see the light of the future of leadership in fresh produce.

Being a Good Communicator

There are many nuances of communicating from the words you choose, the inflection of your tone and even your body language. Come together with your peers to discuss and practice new communication tools to make future conversations result in better outcomes.

Recruiting Beyond Ag

We often lament about the challenges of finding good, skilled, educated employees in ag. How can we think outside the box and attract new talent from other industries? Put your heads together with like-minded peers to brainstorm new solutions for attracting fresh talent.

B2B vs B2C – Engaging New Buyers

Although shelf space is still king in-store, screen space is becoming increasingly relevant. Join this conversation to learn how others have changed the way they think about doing business with buyers to find success in new channels.

Managing Expectations of Downstream Supply Chains

How do you manage customer expectations, especially if you have more than one customer, and they have different expectations? When do you stand by your existing program, and when do you adapt your program for just one customer, versus for all customers?

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Staff (and suppliers & customers) Up to Speed on Food Safety Info

Everyone has a role in food safety, even if it’s not in their title. But how do you convince them of the importance? Discuss effective strategies to engage operations, sanitation, upper management, and even suppliers and customers, in food safety conversations.

Audit Interpretation: Resolving Differences in Interpretation

Audits provide an opportunity to get feedback on your food safety system. It should not be about “box-checking”, but rather reflection on why you do what you do, and part of the continuous improvement journey. When audit requirements are interpreted differently, how are these issues resolved? How do you defend and support your practices and programs, and when do you make adjustments simply to “check the box”?

Managing Food Safety in an Indoor Growing Environment

The risks associated with outdoor growing have been well characterized compared to the risks of growing indoors. How controlled are controlled growing environments? Are there unique food safety risks that should be considered?

Recall Insurance 101

Is there any way to recoup losses in the event of a government advisory? When is a recall covered by your policy? Share information about terminology and other factors when evaluating recall insurance policies.

Time-Temperature Control

Many fresh produce items are refrigerated for quality. Regulations, dating back to Food Code requirements at retail, suggest that in some cases temperature control is required for safety. The current lack of regulatory clarity has exacerbated supply chain requirements. This discussion will focus on how to make science and risk-based decisions when addressing this topic with regulators and customers.

Managing Product Testing Programs

Your customer says you need to have a product testing program. Where do you start? How do you determine when to sample, what to sample, and what you’re looking for? Do you need to hold product? What do you do if you get a positive? Learn from those who’ve been down this road as you consider how to manage your program.

What to Expect When You’re Inspected

Share your experiences and listen to others describe how they’ve interacted with regulators during inspections. What is negotiable? What are your rights? What is the best way to get through a regulatory inspection?

Emerging Hazard – Cyclospora

Cyclospora is a pathogen unlike most others that the fresh produce industry manages. While not typically fatal, last year it caused thousands of illnesses across the US, the majority of which couldn’t be linked to a specific food, although produce is typically suspect. Sanitizers won’t kill Cyclospora and humans are the only known host. Learn how colleagues are managing this emerging hazard.