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JUNE 16 - 18 2020 | SAN DIEGO, CA
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Monday, June 10 | 2:00 – 5:00 pm

This year’s Education Workshops were developed to support learning opportunities across the full fresh produce supply chain. Taking place immediately following Monday’s Produce Outlook kick-off General Session Luncheon, attendees chose the topics that aligned with their job function, or attended a new topic to broaden their scope of understanding. There’s something for everyone.

Admission to Monday afternoon’s workshops is included in the All Access Package.

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Marketing Workshops:

From CPG to Fresh

After making the move from CPG to fresh produce, these CPG ex-pats share insights from their past food industry experience and how they apply to the challenges and opportunities in fresh produce marketing.

Next Level Brand Strategies to Drive Consumer Loyalty

In today’s saturated consumer market, how can you ensure your brand stands out? Our panel of produce brand marketers have invested in research, consumer insights and peer reviews to develop unique brand strategies that not only resonate with consumers in store, but also are having a lasting familiar impact online.

Understanding the Competitive Food Landscape

New research from IRI outlines emerging challenges for fresh and fresh-cut produce items, with competitive foods fighting to take market share from produce. Following IRI’s data presentation, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their strategies to fight back and drive consumer loyalty.

Technology Workshops:

Build an Energy Efficient Environment

In this session, learn from industry leaders who have adopted new energy-efficient technologies to increase their day-to-day efficiencies and improve their bottom line.

Tantalize the Taste Buds

The science of taste has become paramount to differentiating one produce variety from another. Consumers also have become increasingly loyal to new flavor profiles that delight their tastes and sense of discovery. What’s coming to produce to create the next consumer sensations?

The Next Intelligent Warehouse

How intelligent is your warehouse? Produce companies are investing in new technologies to reduce the need for labor, costs, and overall be more efficient. Learn about innovations being adopted in warehouses to tackle this growing challenge.

Business Management Workshops:

Management Challenges With a Changing Work Culture

With Gen X, millennials, and boomers all blending in today’s workplace, companies are experiencing a changing work culture. Successful companies must manage new technologies in the workplace, changing job expectations, and new leadership styles to compete in today’s labor-challenged environment.

Family Business: Building the Future for a Sustainable Business

The produce industry is a cornucopia of family businesses. As the next generation of produce leaders begins to take the helm of their companies, hear how different companies are planning the next era of their company’s future.

Food Safety Workshops:

Food Safety: Outbreak Investigation Deep Dive

Perplexed by the outbreak investigation process? Try your hand in this role-playing case study as an FDA, CDC, or a state official in the midst of an outbreak investigation. Think you could make better decisions? How would you balance protecting public health while minimizing business impact? How much information would you need to confirm a food product is contaminated. When would you consider a cluster of illnesses to be an outbreak? When would you pull the trigger on a public announcement? What would you do in tracing a product back to two different potential sources? Step into the role of an investigator when information is incomplete, people are getting sick, and your phone is ringing off the hook. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the challenges in identifying what food product is making people sick, and in tracing that product back to the source.