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JUNE 10-12, 2019 | CHICAGO

FutureTEC Zone

Technology is changing the fresh produce industry, and innovators of food tech and ag tech companies are helping the industry respond faster than ever before.

United FreshTEC's FutureTEC Zone showcases solutions for tomorrow in a concentrated display area for start-ups who are bringing new technologies to the fresh foods industry.

United FreshTEC will host more than 40 start-ups and small businesses in this year’s FutureTEC Zone through collaboration with the following organizations:


FutureTEC Zone

FutureTEC Zone


Expo Floor

On June 26-27, visit our United FreshTEC Expo floor to find companies that our venture capital, incubator and accelerator partners are excited about, including:


Agrosmart - Agrosmart generates market intelligence and creates agronomic models based on seed genetics, type and microclimate. Agrosmart combines ground truth data and best-in-class analytical capabilities to provide actionable insights for a more productive and sustainable agriculture. 

AgShift - AgShift is the industry's first deep learning platform to automate food quality assessment which is currently done by humans. Based on patented deep learning models, AgShift's solutions autonomously inspects produce and other commodities for defects per USDA specifications or your organization's quality requirements.

Applicolor, Inc. -  Applicolor, Inc. enables produce quality assesment on a mobile phone.

CropTrak -  CropTrak specializes in risk management for food. CropTrak provides a true mobile & web-based enterprise-level agriculture management platform allowing the manager and C-suite to easily see the health of any facet of their organization.

Farmforce AS - Farmforce is a cloud-hosted web and mobile application for smallholder farming source management to enable digital first mile data collect, providing the foundation for traceability in agricultural supply chains in emerging markets. 

FlavorWiki - FlavorWiki uses digital technology to capture taste profiles of food products from anywhere in the world and at any point in the food supply chain. Using FlavorWiki, fresh food suppliers, packers and retailers can monitor taste quality, consistency and consumer preference to ensure products meet consumer expectations for great taste every time.

Fluidion  US Inc. - Fluidion US Inc. specializes in the development of novel instrumentation for water quality and environmental monitoring, and specifically in pathogen detection and chemical analysis sensors. The ALERT System is a unique in-situ/portable remote analyzer for measuring in water: E. Coli, Total Coliforms or Enterococci.

Food-Origins -  Food-Origins provides data capture and analytics for manual labor agriculture.  Food-Origins' focus is to utilize IOT to enable continuous improvement to happen in the pruning, planting and harvest of the food crops that grace our table.  

Freightflow -  Freightflow is an easy-to-use, next generation transportation management software (TMS) focused on transportation, logistics and analytics developed specifically for the unique fresh food supply chain. Freightflow saves you from duplicate data entry, providing you with real-time data and analytics that can uncover cost savings for your business

Goodr - Goodr is a sustainable surplus management company that leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger. Goodr provides an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to increase their bottom line from their edible food waste by donating it to local nonprofit organizations. 

Greenease - Greenease is a mobile app that connects consumers to restaurants, cafes and grocers that buy from reputable or local farms. The summer of 2018 the company plans to launch Greenease Business - a software that will allow chefs to log in and update their own information, search for farm goods, AND allow farmers to list their inventory (for searched) and verify who's buying from them.

GreenLight Biosciences - GreenLight develops and manufactures RNA-based materials for crop protection applications. Through its unique Cell-Free Bioprocessing technology, GreenLight is capable of producing RNA-based insecticides, viricides, and fungicides at extremely attractive costs.

Hazel Technologies, Inc. - Hazel Technologies develops new solutions to reduce food waste in order to improve the efficiency of the fresh produce supply chain. 

Heliponix - Heliponix™ provides consumers with the Heliponix™ GroPod, a food computer the size of a dishwasher that can yield a head of leafy greens on a daily basis from subscription-based seed pods. Only the Heliponix™ GroPod's patented design can feed a small family with low enough power consumption that it has made indoor agriculture financially viable for the first time.

iFoodDecisionSciences - iFoodDecisionSciences is a software solutions provider offering a variety of tools related to food safety/quality assurance, work orders and preventive maintenance, supplier and document management, plus a host of other data needs. Their tools allow customers to easily and efficiently collect, compile, analyze, and disseminate data for both internal business needs and buyer/regulatory requirements.

ImpactVision - ImpactVision creates software using hyperspectral imaging and machine learning, allowing access to chemical information inside food products, such as pH, color, tenderness, freshness or the presence of foreign objects, from images, in real time and in a non-invasive way. With this information, food companies can reduce waste and fraud while increasing the yield and consistency of products delivered to consumers. 

Inteligistics - Inteligistics is a provider of temperature monitoring and quality improvement solutions for the fresh produce industry. Inteligistics provides innovative solutions utilizing IoT, Sensors, wireless communications and cloud-based computing. 

Ivy Food Tech - Ivy Food Tech is building a blockchain-based information exchange for the food system. Ivy Food Tech reduces the time you spend filling out the same information in vendor portals or emailing certificates and documentation while providing and auditable trail for compliance. 

mobius - At mobius, we believe that There's Wonder in Waste. We are developing a platform of naturally degradable and compostable plastics made from lignin, a waste product of the paper and biofuel industry, for applications in indoor and outdoor agriculture, horticulture and floriculture, food service packaging, and beyond. 

Phylagen - Phylagen is an early stage company that has developed a technology solution that utilizes the microbial DNA to identify the origin of products and materials. To date, Phylagen has done work in the consumer packaged goods space - and is looking to deploy the solution in the food space.

Prospera Technologies - Prospera develops digital farming solutions that collect, digitize and analyze vast amounts of farm data and optimizes all aspects of production from agronomy to labor management. Powered by machine learning and computer vision, Prospera allows agro-businesses to turn their farms into fully digital plants, with higher visibility, productivity, and more predictable output.

ProteoSense LLC - ProteoSense’s RapidScan™ handheld testing system allows food, processing facilities and equipment to be tested for pathogens easily and quickly. RapidScan™ testing is easy to perform, with minimal in-house training required.

Sample6 - Sample6 CONTROL is a modern and comprehensive solution that reduces your brand risk by improving the visibility and the usability of critical food safety data. Scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of environmental programs can be completed in an easy and efficient way. 

Spoiler Alert - Spoiler Alert offers a business intelligence solution that allows wholesalers, manufacturers, growers, and retailers to get a better handle of their food recovery and waste diversion efforts, as well as a relationship management portal that facilitates real-time discounted sales, food donations, and organics recycling to a private, curated, and reliable network of outlets and partners.

TEC Talks

During the United FreshTEC Conference on June 25 in Chicago, hear from five featured FutureTEC Zone companies as they share a glimpse of their latest and greatest innovations and how they anticipate their solutions will impact the future of produce.

  • Agrosmart – Mariana Vasconcelos, CEO
    - Improving productivity and sustainability through agronomic models and market intelligence
  • Goodr – Jasmine Crowe, Founder and CEO
    - Reducing waste and combating hunger through surplus management
  • ImpactVision – Abi Ramanan, CEO
    - Accessing food quality through hyperspectral imaging and machine learning
  • Spoiler Alert – Ricky Ashenfelter, Co-Founder and CEO
  • FlavorWiki -  Paul Price, Head of Business Development

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