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JUNE 25-27, 2018 | CHICAGO

Why Attend


When fresh, healthy, and better-for-you products align with the technologies and advancements in a streamlined global supply chain, your company wins!

This June in Chicago, United FreshMKT Expo, International Floriculture Expo, United FreshTEC Expo, Global Cold Chain Expo, and the new SmartFood Expo™ will come together on one trade show floor, allowing your business the opportunity to explore the newest fresh produce, floral, better-for-you products and the tech innovations that support growth, development, promotion, transportation, and expansion across the supply chain.

The power of these industry segments coming together lies in your business plan, your dashboard models, and the board room conversations you’ve been engaging in. If it’s industry advancement you’re looking to leverage or a new product you’re seeking to discover, you will find it in the South Hall of McCormick Place this June.

82% of retailers report that consumers’ desire for health and wellness – above price or brand loyalty – will positively affect their sales and profits. In addition, 77% of report that consumer’s desire to use their food choices as preventive health measures also will have a positive affect. Source: FMI Speaks 2017

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Retail Buyers & Operators Should Attend to Discover More

Retail staff from procurement, merchandising, operations and logistics will find value across five targeted education conferences and expos.

Over three days, you’ll discover the latest fresh produce trends in addition to meal kits, organics, snack items, fresh juices, and much more at United FreshMKT. Further expand your exposure to healthy food and beverage trends at the new SmartFood Expo™ featuring products that appeal to consumers’ demand for healthy and better-for-you food solutions. A total food and beverage experience for any retail buyer looking to discover the items that will set your business apart!

For your operations teams, United FreshTEC highlights the most cutting-edge technologies for the fresh produce industry throughout the entire supply chain featuring retail merchandising innovations, packing, packaging, fresh-cut operations and more! Co-located next to the Global Cold Chain Expo, you’ll find a single destination for operations staff focused on logistics, distribution and in-store perishable management technology.

United Fresh is dedicated to maximizing the value for retail teams in Chicago. With options such as private meeting rooms on the expo floor to conduct vendor meetings and personalized support through our new Key Buyer Program, we will work with you and your team to tailor your experience to gain the most value for your time away from the office.






Foodservice Operators Should Attend to Discover More

Foodservice purchasing, menu development and culinary professionals looking to discover the latest fresh produce and healthy, better-for-you products will find solutions at United FreshMKT and the new SmartFood Expo™. Meet consumer demands for fresh and healthy foods by participating in education that will focus on new trends in produce and health, and engage with leading foodservice professionals, including the winners of the 2018 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Award winners, to discover the latest culinary developments that can advance your operations.

Foodservice logistics, operations and food safety professionals seeking to discover innovative technologies to improve supply chain management will find solutions at United FreshTEC and the co-located Global Cold Chain Expo. Cutting-edge developments in logistics, cold chain management, supply chain efficiencies, packaging, transportation and more are yours to discover through Monday’s conferences and on-floor education on Tuesday and Wednesday.


School Foodservice Directors Should Attend to Discover More

School business is big business – every day across America, 31 million children participate in the National School Lunch Program, and over 11 million children participate in the School Breakfast Program. Often referred to as, “the largest restaurant in town”, school districts provide healthy meals and snacks to thousands of children each day.

If you’re responsible for making the purchasing decisions that allow children the opportunity to make smart, better-for-them food choices in school, you cannot miss this event! Over three days, you’ll discover the latest fresh produce trends from organics, snack items, fresh juices, and more at United FreshMKT. Expand your options with shelf-stable healthy food and beverage trends found at the new SmartFood Expo™. 

Explore the trade show floor, share best practices, and discover new and creative ways to serve and promote fresh produce and better-for-you products this June in Chicago. 





Operations Executives Should Attend to Discover More

Growers, shippers and processors of fresh fruits and vegetables will discover new packaging, packing, and processing technologies, equipment and facility efficiencies this year in Chicago. Experience the products gaining traction with venture capital and incubators, before they even hit the market! Over three days, you’ll discover what’s new and what’s next across the South Hall of McCormick Place as well as during education events such as the United FreshTEC Conference, Global Cold Chain Conference and both of their on-floor Learning Centers and X-Change Sessions. This is an operations team’s one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need to stay cutting-edge – from lengthening shelf life and maintaining the integrity and security of the cold chain to packing and transporting perishable products. If it helps your operations team get the job done, it’s here.


Food Safety Executives Should Attend to Discover More

Food safety professionals seeking to discover innovative technologies will find solutions across five targeted education conferences and expos. Explore the challenges faced by growers at United FreshMKT; discover the newest technologies and solutions at United FreshTEC and partner with the service providers working to maintain integrity and security of the perishable supply chain at Global Cold Chain Expo – all co-located in the South Hall of McCormick Place. From education events to booths on the expo floor, learn what’s on the horizon and gain strategic insight to keep pressing forward. Don’t miss food safety specific education, including the new Listeria Learning Lab, a 2-hour event focused on how to protect your supply chain from LM contamination, and the United FreshTEC X-Change Session for back-to-back facilitated food safety discussions. You’ll be inspired to revolutionize your business’ food safety practices and prepared to take the industry by storm.



Engineers Should Attend to Discover More

Great ideas and great relationships start in Chicago this June. With a focus on developments in supply chain and logistics, facility design, and more, engineering teams are sure find solutions to their most pressing challenges, whether it’s facility building, retrofitting to meet today’s standards, improving your operations through automation or more, you’ll find the service providers and design build partners you need in the South Hall of McCormick Place. From small-group discussions with industry leaders to keynote speeches by the champions of forward-thinking to the innovative companies showcasing technologies on the expo floor, your engineering team will find what they need to push your company – and the industry - forward.